The Altered Hours Release ‘On My Tongue’ EP

The Altered Hours release latest EP, ‘On My Tongue’ on Art For Blind Records.

The four track EP begins with the title track, a gritty, lo fi introduction to the band’s sound which encompasses elements of noise rock, grunge and a smattering of punk, and then eases out into a more laid back and steady tempo with ‘Open Wide’ posing dreamier guitar riffs and breezy vocals.

The penultimate track, ‘Over The Void’ is a fra

ntic burst of energy that peters out in feedback before finale ‘Hey No Way’ kicks in with a decisive drum beat. The track rolls on with clanging reverb heavy guitars, meandering in and out of a distorted haze. Just as the listener settles in to the plodding rhythm it descends into a frenzy bringing the EP to a close in a swirl of distorted mayhem, increasing in tension until the kick drum sounds and knocks it out.

The Altered Hours are currently on a European tour, catch them live.

Listen to ‘On My Tongue’ below.


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