Shelley Bukspan Shares the Beautifully Vulnerable ‘El Cohen’

‘El Cohen’ is the first single from Shelley Bukspan‘s forthcoming album, ‘The Bronx Age’.

Bukspan gives an emotional performance as she displays vulnerability in her voice as well as her lyrics.

A delicate piece of music born out of a meditation sequence, ‘El Cohen’ is accompanied by a beautiful music video. It features three ballerinas performing a choreographed routine which is repeated throughout to mirror the meditation. Filming took place on Burrow Beach in North Dublin, a place that holds personal significance for Bukspan.

The track moves softly, drawing the listener in and carrying them with it as it develops, almost lulling them into a meditative state. As the track reaches it’s sonic peak, the gentle string accompaniment becomes slightly more frantic. Bukspan’s performance is emotionally charged yet she manages to maintain a delicate approach.

‘El Cohen’ is a wonderful display of Shelley Bukspan’s talents and no doubt, the rest of the album will follow suit.

Watch the video for ‘El Cohen’ below.

Dancers: Lauriane Calatayud, Sarah McKenna Barry & Stefanie-Heidy Suwidji. Directed by Sasha King, shot and edited by Bill Snodgrass.

‘El Cohen’ is available on iTunesSpotify and SoundCloud.

Follow Shelley Bukspan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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