Girls Rock Dublin Launch 2018 Camp For Girls Age 12-17

Applications are now open for this years’ Girls Rock Dublin camp which will run from 3rd – 7th July 2018. The camp will take place in the Sound Training College and Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios in Dublin City Centre.

Karen Hammond, Girls Rock core member, gave an insight into what happens at a Girls Rock Camp, “The structure of a camp can change as it’s a global organisation but generally it consists of the campers trying out different instruments, choosing an instrument they connect with and then forming a band. Throughout the week they get tuition in their chosen instrument … There’s also various workshops on topics like body confidence and stage presence, as well as special guest speakers who may have experience in the industry.”

Karen is a singer, songwriter and sound engineer with qualifications in Sound and Music Production as well as Popular Music. Karen is currently studying Women, Gender and Social justice studies in UCD and sings with Dublin based band Old Moon.

Founding member, Rossella Bottone spoke about the success of the first Girls Rock Dublin camp which ran last year for 18 – 24 year olds. “Our first camp was an incredible experience, it went well beyond our expectations. We had 16 campers (18-24 y.o.) and a team of about 20 volunteers and coaches. Among all involved, eleven nationalities were represented, which made our camp very unique … Thanks to the good media exposure our project had in the run up to the camp, we managed to have brilliant musicians on board as coaches, MayKay (Le Galaxie, Fight Like Apes) and Niamh Farrell (Ham SandwicH), just to name a couple, and also inspiring guest artists who performed and held Q&A sessions: SOAK, Soulé, Wyvern Lingo and Hvmmingbyrd.”

Girls Rock Dublin are still in touch with some of their ex campers who have been inspired to continue on their musical journeys with some forming their own bands and others going on to study at BIMM and Sound Training College. This is no surprise as according to Rossella, “We strive to foster a community of musicians and encourage mentorship and mutual support that goes beyond our summer camps.”

Girls Rock Dublin 2017.JPG

Pictured: Girls Rock Dublin 2017 Team. Photo by Kristina Hajdu.

Karen acknowledged, “I do think it’s important for women to have a support network when embarking on something new. Music is very emotive and powerful but to someone who’s never picked up a guitar it can feel intimidating, or unrealistic as a goal. Girls Rock gives young women with a passion for music the tools to make playing in a band accessible and can empower them to feel like they can accomplish much more than they thought was possible. Hopefully it will also create friendships and some kickass bands as well! I think it’s very important to nourish this in young women as they are bombarded with so much media and social conditioning telling them how they should behave and look, without taking there individual person-hood into account. Girls rock is all about expressing your individuality in a fun and creative space.”

For more information and to apply for this year’s camp, visit





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