Monthly Feature September

It’s September and another Bandcamp Friday has arrived. If, like me, you day dream of packing your tent, sleeping bag and bottle of Bucky, festival bound, this month’s feature is for you.

Imagine it’s Friday, you’ve set up the tent after your road trip and ready to leave the real world behind you. Navigating your way through the forest as the sun sinks lower, flanked by trees you make a beeline for the swirling, hypnotic tones of The Altered Hours. With bundles of energy Sweet Jelly Roll is sure to get you moving as is their latest release All Amnesia.

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After an eventful first night you ease yourself into day two and your festival partner in crime suggests lounging out in the sun listening to Jealous of the Birds, saying they’ve been loving The Grass Begins to Eat Itself. It’s a great shout and up beat Young Neanderthal has the crowd dancing happily in the sun.

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Later that night you’re in search of some dancing and heavy drums and happen upon a heaving tent. None other than Cork native ELLLL is on the decks. You’re in for late one going by her Hör Berlin and Boiler Room recordings you played during lockdown.

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Sunday night sees some firm favourites hitting the stage. Under the stars you finally get to see the Soda Blonde crew performing Terrible Hands and other gems from Small Talk live (after adding it to virtually every playlist you’ve got on the go).

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This month’s feature was brought to you by Designer, Drummer and MNÁSOME Contributor Rebecca.

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