MNÁSOME Monthly Feature | April

On the first Friday of every month, to coincide with BandCamp Friday, a member of the MNÁSOME Team will share some of their top picks of artists who are currently making waves on the Irish and international music scenes. By doing so, we hope to help introduce their music to some new, adoring fans like yourself! So please, have a listen, give them a follow and support them by buying their music, merch and tickets to their shows.

This month Designer, Drummer and MNÁSOME Contributor, Rebecca shares her top picks…

Katie Kim
Mood is central to the expansive musical landscape of Katie Kim sums up the strange, atmospheric and rather visual sound of hers.

As a gateway drug I would recommend her 2017 album Salt, perhaps even the exquisite collaborative show Salt Interventions with the Crash Ensemble before you dip your toe into her latest offering Charles VV11.

Watch I Make Sparks to get into the mood.

More recently, I was bowled over watching the amazing collaborative talent of Katie Kim and Radie Peat of Lankum together with drummer/singer Eleanor Myler and John Spud Murphy of Percolator fame, aired for Nollaig na mBan in January. The fusion of sound and styles combined with the artistic interludes danced like the shadows on the old stone walls of their stage. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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Lisa O’Neill  

My folk choice this month. This Cavan native’s voice is distinctive and won me over as far back as Has An Album in 2009 with her folksy tones and playful lyrics on the likes of I  paint my nails so pretty.

Seeing her live at festivals was an entertaining mix of music and good  old fashioned banter and the sort of performance you’d miss seeing live. She hasn’t seemed  to lose the witty fun and beautifully descriptive lyrics and continues to create ditties of pure joy. Pot Hole In The Sky… give her a spin. 

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Elaine Mai  

Have you ever loved a group of songs seemingly unconnected for a particular reason you can’t  quite put your finger on? Then suddenly it falls into place. For me that was how I was introduced to Elaine Mai. Finally connecting bopping away to catchy tune Butterflies by Soulé  (Elaine Mai and Sorcha Richardson), giving it socks to Le Galexie’s Love System (ft Elaine Mai) or singing along to No Forever the latest offering featuring former Fight Like Apes front woman and Other Voices presenter, MayKay. I am beyond excited waiting on her debut album due for release soon. 


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