Interview | Pretty Happy

Pretty Happy, a three piece art-punk band from Cork, are certainly making waves on the music scene lately. With the release of their raucous single “Salami”, the band have firmly secured their spot on our Ones To Watch list. Guitarist Abbey Blake caught up with Alison Kenny to chat about lyric inspiration, filmmaking and plans for the future.

Your latest single “Salami” was extremely well received – congratulations! How did you find  the release went without the live gigging element to support you?  

Thank you! It’s been amazing but strange.  

Releasing music always comes with amazing highs and manic energy. What better way to release that  energy than to gig! The lack of release that comes with gigging has been the weirdest part.  Gigs were also a huge social aspect for the band. It gave the three of us an excuse to spend inordinate  amounts of time together. I definitely miss the guys and the celebratory Salami pints.  

It’s safe to say Pretty Happy have a unique, loud and abrasive sound. Who would you say are  your biggest musical influences?  

I think the biggest influences for me at the moment are Suburban Lawns and Kim Gordon. I’ve never been a  huge fan of my voice but hearing how confidently/ weirdly these artists used their voice definitely inspired  me. The Salami shopping list was hugely inspired by Kim Gordon’s greek salad order in Tunic!  

With only a few releases under your belt, Pretty Happy have covered an array of unusual  subjects, lyrically. Where do you guys usually draw lyrical inspiration from?  

It’s funny I think we usually draw from the mundane. The three of us were absolutely terrified of ever being  bored or just going through the motions and the band became a place to channel that fear. Fear of the  mundane/ anxiety around boredom usually leaks into our lyrics. Whether that be shouting to release stress  or a manic stream of consciousness about your weekly pork shop.  

You’re studying film in college. Do you direct all the band’s music videos? If so do you think  marrying your music and film passions has wildly effected your creative output?  

Definitely! All the music videos we have out at the moment I’ve directed, with input from Arann and Andy of  course. I really love music videos in general. They’re an extension of the song. To be able to create visuals to  fully realise the vision and tone of the song is great.  

It genuinely has enhanced my output! I’m pushed to make more and shoot more.  

What are your plans for the next year?  

 We have some songs and videos lined up for release but I think we’re all itching to get onto the next  stage we can!

Listen to ‘Salami’ on Spotify and follow Pretty Happy on Instagram.

Interview by Alison Kenny.

Featured image by Nicholas O’Donnell.

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