The X Collective

Ireland’s newest creative platform, The X Collective, focuses on the promotion of Irish artists and industry creatives. 

The X Collective, founded by Emily Shaw of Oíche Events and Ele Breslin aka ZAPHO, is a community of over 70 artists and creatives offering a broad spectrum of music industry skills and expertise.

According to Emily Shaw, each artist will collaborate with a fellow musician to create original songs, which will then be passed onto the collective’s creative team who will generate images and branding before its release and promotion through the collective.

Commenting on the project, Ele Breslin stated “The X Collective aims to highlight a diverse range of social, political and musical ideas that are important to the Irish music community.”

Artists including Shiv, Tolu Makay, Shookrah, Zapho, ELKAE, Toshín, Shy Mascot, Gemma Bradley, Mutant Vinyl, Brenna Carroll and Zeenie Summers have already joined as well as other music industry professionals who are working to promote and elevate the Irish music industry and beyond. Keep an eye out for a second round of artist announcements in the coming months.

The X Collective roster is continuously growing and they are also open to new talent, particularly in the creatives area. If you would like to get in touch, contact Oíche Events on Instagram.

Featured image by Stefan Tivodar.


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