Video Premier | ‘Land of the Damned: A Scrapbook of Self’ by Baba

MNÁSOME is proud to premier ‘Land of the Damned: A Scrapbook of Self’, the new music video from Baba.

The concept of the video is based around the contrast between outside perceptions and the individual’s true sense of self. In an industry that can be overwhelming on it’s own, it becomes more difficult when the saturated social media sphere has to intertwine. Often, expectations and pressure from the individual or outside sources surmount creativity. The video concept deals with the battle between who you are as an artist versus who you think you should be, look and sound. This pressure is enabled by having the sometimes debilitating insight into other people’s successes on social media or rather their perceived successes.

On the inspiration for the video, Baba said, “Having gotten back into the music industry after a long break I was having a crisis of confidence and finding it difficult to find a place for myself as a woman in the industry. It got to the point where I didn’t even feel like I was good enough to appear in my own videos. I was finding myself consumed by what other female performers were achieving and being bombarded on social media by how I should look, sound etc and so the video is a scrapbook of this often harsh but at times beautiful experience.“

Watch ‘Land of the Damned: A Scrapbook of Self’ below…

Video Credits:
Directed by Dara McDonagh
Shot by Dara McDonagh & Keith Pended
Concept Baba, Leah Burke & Lyndsey Putt
Staring Leah Burke & Baba

Words by Sinéad Furlong
Featured image by Lyndsey Putt


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