Aine Cahill Releases Brooding New Single ‘Water Into Wine’

Irish pop queen Aine Cahill has recently released her new single ‘Water Into Wine’.  This being the follow up to the compelling ‘Beauty Is a Lie’ which criticised how we use social media today.

The moody pop number is rich with gorgeous metaphors and imagery portraying a broken relationship where a person has been taken for a fool and is taking back control over the situation.

The song differing from her previous release has a richer more vibrant sound with layered production. This is accompanied by Cahill’s unique and powerful voice with a gorgeous dark tone and a punchy drum beat.

The memorable chorus has excellent use of reverb with lovely harmonies and a canon vocal idea to end the song.

Listen to ‘Water Into Wine’ below…

Words by Kym Duignan

Featured Image by Fleur Neale


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