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The fabulous E.L.N. spoke to MNÁSOME ahead of her performance at BIMM Live 2018 this Friday about her bckground, inspiration and her recommendations for who to go see at the show. She’s set to release her debut single very soon and you can catch her gigging around Dublin in the meantime. Follow her here for updates.


When did you first get into music? 

I actually can’t remember not being into music. Since I was young it was my dream to be a singer. I was always going around the house singing and showing all my friends how I could sing like Ariel, The Little Mermaid. I got into Green Day when I was about 10 and that was when music changed for me, there was this energy and excitement in the music and it really struck me.

What drives you to write and perform?

Writing is a huge release for me, it’s a way to get whatever is on my mind off my chest in a creative way, and I love seeing the music I’ve written at home in my bedroom being brought to life with a live band; it’s amazing. What I love most about music, both listening to and creating music is relatability. I hope that someone can listen to one of my songs and take their own meaning from it and relate to it in some way.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to a lot of Irish music at the moment. My most played artists are Wyvern Lingo, Pillow Queens and LAOISE. I’m also loving Billie Eilish and Sigrid.

What women inspire you in your music career?

So many women inspire me. My family is full of strong women and they inspire me every day, particularly my mom and my nana. They’ve always been so supportive of me and my music and taught me I can do whatever I want to do. Singers like Debbie Harry, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks are huge inspirations for me as well.

Who among your fellow BIMM graduates would you recommend going to see at this year’s BIMM Live?

Where to start! Maria Kelly is amazing you should check her out. I also love Le Boom, Leila Jane and The Healers, Desert Rentals, Ella Naseeb, Hannah Hiemstra, Synk and Ej Mae.

BIMM Live 2018 will take place this Friday 8th June across four venues on Francis St. Head over to the Facebook event for more details and line up announcements!

E.L.N x L&L 2



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