Interview with Maria Kelly

Dublin based Singer-Songwriter Maria Kelly spoke to MNÁSOME ahead of the launch of her first vinyl release with singles ‘Dark Places’ and ‘Small Talk’. The launch will take place in The Workman’s Club in Dublin on Wednesday 25th of April in association with Homebeat and tickets are available via Eventbrite.

Where did the inspiration for Dark Places/Small Talk come from?

Small Talk came from my experiences of social anxiety and Dark Places came about from a period of depression last year – they were both written at different times but because of the similar themes, it felt right to release them together side by side!

They’re really personal songs, written from a very vulnerable place but the reaction has been really lovely and it’s cool to see it resonating.

What drives you to write songs?

It’s kind of the only way I process anything! I’ve never been very good at voicing my feelings whenever I’m upset or angry, and when I was young I would just write a song and make sense of it that way. I have gotten better at honest self-expression but my songs still come from personal experience for sure.

What made you decide to release a vinyl record?

I wanted to make something physical this year, because I think vinyl is just really cool and I wanted something that I could actually hold in my hands. Also, as I mentioned the two songs felt connected in a lot of ways and an AA side seemed like an interesting way to present them to the world.

What can people expect from your upcoming launch?

I’m playing some of the songs in a way that I haven’t before, which is exciting. They’re very different from the recordings and I think visually, it’s going to be something new for the audience. And they can also expect a lot of me not knowing what to do with my hands.

What women have had an influence on you in your career?

Musically, Regina Spektor and Lucy Rose have been endlessly inspiring to me. Most recently, the other amazing Irish musicians that I have met and become friends with over the last few years – LAOISE and Ailbhe Reddy to name a few. Having driven, hardworking friends like that in the industry who are always there to lend an ear or suggestion has been invaluable, and I’m incredibly grateful for it.
Catch Maria in The Workman’s Club on the 25th of April. Listen on Spotify. and follow her here.


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