Vernon Jane Release the Intense Music Video for New Single, ‘Fragile’

Vernon Jane release the music video for new single ‘Fragile’ and it is a harrowing depiction of reaching a breaking point after relentlessly pushing yourself to your limits.

Frontwoman Emily Jane is the focal point of the video, displaying panic and terror as she is immersed in water and has her face and throat mauled by greedy hands. The water, representing “suffocating under your own expectations”, plays a central role in the video which was shot and edited by Dublin based videographer, DOCK. The track explores the darker depths of the human mind while the video “captures the constant battle between keeping yourself together, or letting yourself truly fall apart.”

Vernon Jane launch ‘Fragile’ alongside THUMPER‘s ‘AFL‘ this Saturday, 7th April in The Sugar Club. Further details can be found here and tickets are available here.

Watch the sensational video for ‘Fragile’ below.


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