Let’s Set Sail – The Nothingness of Now EP Review

The Nothingness of Now is the debut EP from Dublin band, Let’s Set Sail. Preceded by singles Canaries and Five of Trumps which also feature on the EP, The Nothingness of Now is an excellent introduction to the band’s unique sound.

Influenced by their surroundings, Dublin provides the backdrop for songs such as Oscar Square and The Wax Museum. The EP has some historical elements with local history playing an integral part in the lyrics of Oscar Square while some playful family memories surface in Canaries and The Wax Museum.

The lyrics are frank, reflective and conversational, at times amusing and sometimes lamenting. The approach to story telling hooks the listener’s attention along with the intricacies of the percussive undercurrents in the accompaniment.

Tracks flow seamlessly into one another providing a chilled atmospheric experience.

With songs are propelled forward by beats underneath ethereal soundscapes and soft vocals, The Nothingness of Now is a debut of classic, swirling summer soundscapes with honest lyrics and excellent musicianship at the centre.

Listen to The Nothingness of Now on Spotify below.

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