Monthly Feature | June

On the first Friday of every month, to coincide with BandCamp Friday, a member of the MNÁSOME Team will share some of their top picks of artists who are currently making waves on the Irish and international music scenes. By doing so, we hope to help introduce their music to some new, adoring fans like yourself! So please, have a listen, give them a follow and support them by buying their music, merch and tickets to their shows.

This month, Photographer behind Yellow Lens Photo, Contributor and Boss of the MNÁSOME Socials, Alison shares her top picks…


Halli has made a notable impact on the Irish airwaves this year, releasing two singles to follow on from her 2018 debut “Fukc Fear“. These new tracks, “Body Never Lies” and “Your Love (My Way)“, explore important themes such as emotional and mental wellbeing and self reflection. HALLI takes these important topics and writes intimate yet catchy art-pop pieces that you absolutely won’t be able to get out of your head. It’s no wonder BBC Introducing have already dubbed her as a “phenomenal new talent”. She is certainly one to watch.

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Tolü Makay

I first discovered Tolü Makay when she accompanied Irish funk artist Zaska live in Whelans, and instantly fell in love with her entire presence. Her diverse range and unique tone allow Tolü to perform fierce hip-hop inspired tracks such as “Me, Myself & I“, and follow them up with soft ballads like “Used To Be“. She captured the hearts of the nation with her Saw Doctors cover of “N17” on RTE’s New Years Eve Countdown, and I’m sure it will be a long time before she releases them from her grasp. Being such a seasoned vocalist unlike any other, I’m VERY keen to see what she does next.

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Her Spotify bio sums it up really: “Æ MAK creates art pop and performs it well”. Æ MAK, aka Aoife McCann, makes such infectious tracks that you won’t be able to resist dancing…in the kitchen on your own. Following on from her acclaimed collaborations with Le Boom and Seba Safe, Aoife has released her 2021 EP Class Exercises. The lead track “Jamie” was released with a “non-erotica erotica” music video, directed by Julie Weber, which is nothing short of a masterpiece. Check it out below if you haven’t yet.

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