Monthly Feature | May

On the first Friday of every month, to coincide with BandCamp Friday, a member of the MNÁSOME Team will share some of their top picks of artists who are currently making waves on the Irish and international music scenes. By doing so, we hope to help introduce their music to some new, adoring fans like yourself! So please, have a listen, give them a follow and support them by buying their music, merch and tickets to their shows.

This month, musician, lecturer, and co-host of our Online Open Mic, Ema, shares the artists she’s had on repeat this month…


The Projections EP, released last year, felt like a natural projection for Kentucky-based folk musician Tomberlin. The songs are authentic and stripped back with minimal, but effective, use of electronics. ‘Natural Light’ features airy, processed backing vocals that support the song’s acoustic foreground with excellent precision. The rhyming and repeated melody of ‘Wasted’ has been a perfect Groundhog day-esque backdrop to life in 2020, whereas ‘Floor’ conjures images of nights spent with friends and lovers.

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Ines Khai

Multilingual, multi-instrumentalist Ines Khai’s latest album Pitit a Lanmè (Child of the sea) will transport you to the open seas with its summery, surf guitar licks and sea soundscapes. Khai shows her heritage proudly in her music, which draws from Guadeloupean Gwoka as well as jazz, blues, and soul. From the introspective ‘Mistè lanmè la’ to the intricate ‘Dlo épi Sèl,’ Pitit a Lanmè is a perfect soundtrack to lead you into summer 2021.

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Patricia Lalor

Patricia Lalor released her latest EP, This Is How We Connect, While You Stand So Tall, at the tail end of 2020. An inspiring young artist, she has amassed quite a following since she started posting songs on YouTube 3 years ago. ‘Same Place Again’ is an aloof alt-pop song with tangled harmonies, ‘This Man Thought he Saved Me,’ is emotionally-charged but day-dreamy in delivery. Patricia Lalor is not to be underestimated.

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