MNÁSOME Monthly Feature | November

On the first Friday of every month, to coincide with BandCamp Friday, a member of the MNÁSOME Team will share some of their top picks who are currently making waves on the Irish and international music scene. By doing so, we hope to help introduce their music to some new, adoring fans like yourself! So please, have a listen, give them a follow and support them by buying their music, merch and tickets to their shows.

This month Designer, Drummer and part time MNÁSOME Contributor, Rebecca shares her top picks…

The Hunter

The beautiful Hunter; Teresa Galvin on vocals and guitar, Fionnuala Kennedy rocking a double bass and the exquisite percussion of Stephanie Pawula have not yet reached the dizzying heights they are destined for. But, if you, like me, take three and a half minutes out of your day to watch the video ‘Eyes Awake’ below you’ll see why they will. Here you’ll get an introduction to the magic of their original music which is sprinkled with global influences, from Irish roots, American folk and blues, Mexican folk and AfroBrazilian culture, catchy with a sultry sound. Paired with the sweetest, quirky, video it gives you a good flavour of the beauty that is The Hunter and their album ‘The Bet’. Go stalk them on all the usual platforms.

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Fun Fact: The video for ‘Eyes Awake’ features on our MNÁSOME YouTube Playlist.


A tiny seed was sown in my heart many years ago for Lankum, however it seems to only have come to full bloom in the last months of restriction and uncertainty where they struck a nerve and every drone resonated in my being. It has been rare that the magic and intensity of a live show can be translated to the new live stream format but watching the mesmerising performance by Radie Peat, the Lynch brothers and Cormac MacDiarmada in the Abbey (A National Disgrace) I think they got damn close. Do yourself a favour, listen with a pair of big headphones, close your eyes and turn it up to experience the haunting and raw sounds of Lankum.

Both albums, ‘Between the Earth and Sky’ and ‘The Livelong Day‘ are things of beauty. The latter is out now on Rough Trade Records.

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Fun Fact: LANKUM feature on our MNÁSOME Spotify Playlist.


Susan O’Neill aka SON, first took my breath away as I was throwing shapes at a King Kong Company gig in a festival field. She’s really come into her own since as a fabulous original singer songwriter. Listening to her teamed up with the likes of Mick Flannery (listen to Baby Talk) again in the surrounds of a festival tent, this time the intimate setting of a Spiegeltent, made one tingle!

In October she released a cover of ‘Gimme Shelter’ a song not to be messed with, but her emotionally charged interpretation is spine tinglingly good.

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Fun Fact: ‘Gimme Shelter’ features on our MNÁSOME Spotify Playlsit.

Bitch Falcon

I think their name itself made me want to give Bitch Falcon a listen. When this first listen was the trio ripping it up in a festival field, it was even better! Grungy vocals and dirty guitar by Lizzie Fitzpatrick flanked by Barry O’Sullivan on bass and Nigel Kenny on machine gun percussion duties on the likes of ‘TMJ‘ proves they can pull a punch in the Irish rock scene.

While Bitch Falcon’s music is designed to listen to live and loud and in the absence of a good mosh pit, get close to a good basesy speaker because their long awaited debut album ‘Staring At Clocks’ is out today!

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Fun Fact: Lizzie Fitzpatrick features in our Video Interview Series.


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