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Lore | Interview & New Single ‘More Than This’

MNÁSOME caught up with Lore to chat about their career so far, upcoming live shows and latest single ‘More Than This’…

How did Lore come together?

Lore formed after a chance meeting in a local bar.  We met up and began some song writing, going into the studio quite early to record our first EP.  We initially began as a 3 Piece (Luke, Carolann & Raymond) and a year later Rebecca joined the band.  We are also joined on stage by Michael Kielty and Michael Wilson.  We share a passion for song writing and enjoy the opportunity to perform these songs across the country.  

What artists would you say influence Lore’s sound the most?

The band members have an eclectic mix of musical tastes, which strangely comes together seamlessly when we write songs for the band.  We have covered many songs from bands in our live set over the past few years including U2, Bruce Springsteen, Marin Morris & Derry’s own, The Undertones.  Our sound was once described as “sophisticated pop”, with folk and Americana influences.

What has been the highlight of your career so far as a band? 

We’ve been fortunate to support a number of excellent Irish artists, however, hosting our own concerts in theatres across the county has undoubtedly been a highlight for us.  It never fails to amaze us how many people continue to come to our concerts.  Over the next year, we will play some of our most significant shows yet, including Derry’s Guildhall and our first show in London.  We are also included in this year’s Stendhal Festival, another highlight of our tour calendar.

What other bands on the Irish music scene do you admire? 

We have great admiration for the many emerging N. Irish Artists at the minute, including Ryan McMullan & JC Stewart.  We have enjoyed our first show with Saffyre who are also excellent songwriters.  

Tell us about your newest single, ‘More Than This’.

Our latest single sees Raymond (Piano) make is Lore Debut on Vocals alongside our Lead Vocalist Carolann.  The song, written by Raymond, tells a story of loss through a break up (not specific to anyone in the band!).  This is the band’s first release since April 2018, with a further single due out before the end of 2019.  We will be embarking upon another run of shows starting at Stendhal Festival in August, followed by a number of theatre shows, some along with our friends Saffyre.  We will also be supporting Pilgrim St on two of their tour dates as well.  We hope to play our new songs during these shows.

Listen to ‘More Than This’ below.

Be sure to check out Lore’s live dates and catch a show here: 


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