15 Year-Old Emmrose Releases New Single ‘Dangerous Eyes’

15-year-old NYC native Emmrose has released her second single ‘Dangerous Eyes’ ahead of the Summer release of her debut EP ‘Hopeless Romantics’.

The smooth, dreamy pop song discusses unrequited love and rejection. Emmrose said the song was written after she was rudely rejected by a guy she asked out for coffee.

She explained that the line “Hold back that dangerous tongue, that fills the breath of my lungs” alludes to how this guy “never said anything nice” and always left her “gasping for breath”.

The song has an apparent Florence & the Machine influence, especially in the chorus with her voice having a similar bright and ethereal tone.

The whimsical, recurring melodic motif combined with driving drum and bass and compelling backing vocal layers create an infectious, dreamy pop hit.

The teen has a clear, dream pop sound and strong songwriting ability which is superior to some adults of this genre.

Listen to ‘Dangerous Eyes’ below.

Words by Kym Duignan

Featured image by Shervin Lainez


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