Erica Cody Releases New Single ‘Over & Over’

RnB singer Erica Cody has released her first track of the year ‘Over & Over’ which is taken from her upcoming EP ‘Leoness’.

This smooth RnB pop song which premiered on the Tracy Clifford Show on RTE 2FM is full of rich multi-layered vocals that highlight Cody’s seemingly effortless lead vocal line.

The chorus is simple but memorable and you can almost guarantee it will get stuck in your head. The plethora of vocal layers means you will be hearing a different but equally compelling melody each time, supported by a distinct hip-hop beat.

The song ends with an ad-lib section from Cody showcasing her impressive vocal range.

This is a strong, empowering song from Cody with elements reminiscent of 2000s RnB.

After a busy 2018 performing at multiple Irish music festivals and supporting En Vogue and Jessie J, I am looking forward to hearing more from Cody in 2019.

Listen to Over & Over below.

Words by Kym Duignan

Featured image by Raia Maria Laura


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