Lydia Ford Releases New Single ‘Same Old Rules’

Lydia Ford has released her latest single ‘Same Old Rules’ along with a quirky new lyric video.

The song which was written by Ford and produced by the German duo Steam Phunk is a fusion of 80’s and modern electro-pop.

Ford showcases a sweet and effortlessly smooth vocal which is reminiscent of fellow Irish pop artist LAOISE.

The multi-layered synths accompanied with the Phil Collins drum sample gives a strong 80’s vibe with the vocal arrangement and additional instrumental layers bringing it bang up to date.

The guitar solo adds an edginess to the track and perfectly transitions into the quiet second verse.

The accompanying lyric video shows a room filled with old-fashioned television sets with the lyrics displayed on a television with a timely static look to it, reinforcing the 80’s vibe of the song.

This has all the elements of a strong pop track.

Check out the video for ‘Same Old Rules’ below.

Words by Kym Duignan

Featured image by Ciaran O’Brien


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