Interview | Ruth Medjber On Relaunching The Women’s Camera Club

Music photographer Ruth Medjber, also known as Ruthless Imagery is set to relaunch the Women’s Camera Club. The next meeting is taking place very soon and they’re currently taking sign ups for the newsletter to keep interested photographers up to date.

We had a chat with Ruth about the WCC, who can join and what happens at a meeting…

Why did you start the Women’s Camera Club and what does it aim to do? 

I started the club earlier this year as a way of getting to know other female photographers. Unfortunately our industry is still quite male dominated, especially Press, Music, Sports, and Documentary photography. As I work in Music Photography myself I’ve always noticed how at big live events, there would constantly be more men than women in the photography pit. When I first started shooting shows 16 years ago, I was nearly always the only female. Thankfully it’s changing, but very very slowly. I used to head to camera clubs when I was younger, but was instantly put off by the fact they were mainly attended by middle aged men. The same goes for the photography associations in Ireland. When you look at the group photos for their annual awards it’s a total sausage fest. I knew there was incredible female photographers out there, working away, but not being represented by these groups. So I just said feck it, and started the Women’s Camera Club.

What happens at a meeting? 

We chat and show work basically. Each week a different member will have an opportunity to present their current project or portfolio. The group will then provide critical feedback. We say more than “oh that’s lovely”. We try to give solid critiques from which the photographer can grow.
We also invite guest speakers in to talk about their career. These are usually women who are at the top of their field in Photography. In October we have the incredible fashion Photographer, Holly McGlynn (London) who has shot for Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Who can join? And is there a fee?

Anyone can join, regardless of your level of experience. We have a mixture of absolute beginners and total pros! Most of the meetings are free, but when we have guest speakers we do ask for a small voluntary contribution to pay for their expenses.

Where can people find info on joining? 

Simple, sign up to our newsletter and we’ll contact you with the next event details:

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into photography or more specifically, music photography? 

RTFM! Get to know your own camera first (don’t worry if it’s second hand, or years old If it clicks, it’s good enough!). Learn the basics of photography through books and online tutorials and then head out and shoot everything you see. Then look to your peers (other photographers) for critical feedback. Never stop learning and never stop shooting!


Check out Ruth’s work on her website, FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Ruth is also planning an exhibition of her work to date titled, Ruthless – A Decade of Live Music which will run in the Fumbally Exchange from the 23rd of November to the 2nd of December. Find more information here.


Interview by Sinéad Furlong

Featured image by Jane Mc Garrigle



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