Listen to Montauk Hotel’s latest single ‘Stains’

Following the bright and punchy track ‘Sense of Place’, Montauk Hotel release their new indie-pop song, ‘Stains’. It is more subdued than the former, but does not lack energy or emotion. Inspired by early 80’s pop, Montauk Hotel succeed in paying homage to the decade but pair the nostalgic sound with modern production that grounds their sound firmly in the present.

A touch of nostalgia is also evident in the song’s theme. It opens with a voice recording which mimics the whirring, crackling sound of vinyl. The voice repeats lyrics from the song; ‘their memory has gone, recalling what we want to forget’. Other lyrics reference faded stains on the floor which remind of past mistakes and crashing waves that revive summer memories, often painted in sentimental sepia in the listener’s mind.

Shell Dooley’s guitar is the driving force in the music. It is a constant, glittering hum throughout the song. It complements, but does not outshine, Claudia Verdeccia’s resonant vocals. Throughout the song, vocal harmonies blend with the dazzling guitar to produce a subtle effect. They accumulate into a ringing, sonorous chorus as the song builds to the outro.


Listen to ‘Stains’ below

Words by Ema Stapleton


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