Eve Belle Releases Debut EP Things I Once Believed

Donegal songstress Eve Belle releases her debut EP Things I Once Believed, on Rubyworks Records.

The EP perfectly captures her hauntingly sweet vocal with emotional lyrics portraying stories of heartbreak, in a fusion of R&B and folk.

The opening track ‘Best Intentions’ sets the tone for the EP with a soulful vocal delivery coupled with sweet harmony lines and a minimalistic beat.

‘First Impressions’ juxtaposes the other songs on the EP. This R&B bop gives real Corinne Bailey Rae vibes. Eve previously revealing that the song is “inspired by the lads you meet in the smoking area at The Workman’s Club in Dublin”, making this song all the more relatable.

The sweet, high vocal lines in ‘Complacent’ show off the singer’s impressive range. Catchy guitar hooks throughout perfectly support the heartbreaking story of complacency in a relationship that the lyrics portray.

The final two tracks ‘Till I fall Asleep’ and ‘Boy from the Blue’ bring in the folk element to this EP. Eve’s soulful voice marries the genres together in a way that makes it sound so unique, matching the previous three tracks.

Listen to Things I Once Believed below.

Rubyworks Records

Featured image by Ray Keogh

Words by Kym Duignan



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