MNÁSOME Electric Picnic Picks for 2018

With lots of awesome acts playing Electric Picnic this year we’ve put together a few recommendations to add to your list along with a Spotify playlist to get you ready for the weekend! So make sure you get around to as many as you can and show them your support!

AE Mak

Saturday 3:15pm – Little Big Tent


Saturday 7.45pm – Earthship Stage, Body & Soul

Bad Bones

Friday 10.15pm – Solstice Stage, Body & Soul


Sunday 4.30pm – Body & Soul Main Stage

Beauty Sleep

Sunday 5pm – Play the Picnic Stage


Sunday 2pm – The Bandstand Stage, Body & Soul


Friday 7:30pm – Main Stage


Friday 6.05pm – Other Voices Stage

Dreaming of Jupiter

Friday 10pm – The Bandstand Stage & Saturday 6pm – Earthship Stage, Body & Soul

Dua Lipa

Saturday 8.45pm – Main Stage


Saturday 3pm – Granny’s Gaf, ArtLot & Sunday 5pm – Natasha’s Cafe, Body & Soul


Sunday 8pm – ArtLot Stage

Erica Cody

Sunday 10.45pm – Earthship Stage, Body & Soul


Sunday 4pm – Play the Picnic Stage


Sunday 4.15pm – Main Stage


Saturday 4pm – Play the Picnic Stage


Sunday 6.20pm – Other Voices

Halo Maud

Saturday 3.30pm – Other Voices Stage & 9.15pm – Body & Soul

King Kong Company

Friday 8pm – Electric Arena


Saturday 1.30pm – Rankin’s Wood & 6.45pm – Body & Soul

Laura Elizabeth Hughes

Friday 10pm – Play the Picnic Stage


Friday 7pm – Play the Picnic Stage

Mavis Staples

Saturday 5.15pm – Main Stage

Pillow Queens

Saturday 5:30pm – Body&Soul Stage


Friday 7.15pm – Body & Soul Stage


Saturday 4.40pm – Other Voices Stage

Sorcha Richardson

Sunday 1.30pm – Rankin’s Wood Stage


Sunday 6pm – Earthship Stage, Body & Soul

Wyvern Lingo

Sunday 3pm – Electric Arena

Be sure to check out our Picnic Picks playlist to get you in the festival mood too…

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