Interview | FiCat

Ciara Brennan catches up with Dublin born artist FiCat who is gearing up to take the pop world by storm. Having played in bands for years and living in Berlin, she is now back in Ireland and is going out on her own. Her debut single, ‘All My Love‘, received lots of attention getting radio plays across 18 radio stations, and now she is gearing up to release her second single, ‘Déjá Vu‘.

In the past you have played with bands such as ‘Toy Soldier‘ and ‘Coma_54‘. What pushed you to go solo and start the FiCat project?

I’ve played in bands since the age of 16 and I love being part of a band, but when I moved home from Berlin just over a year ago I decided to take some time to myself to readjust.

I didn’t plan to release new music until lockdown happened. I spent so much of this time writing riffs and melodies on an old piano in my Mam and Dad’s house.

I reached out to an Irish based producer named Diffly and we started collaborating. Before we knew it my whole E.P. was written!

In 2015 you relocated to Berlin. What drew you to the German capital?

Berlin is every artists dream city. There is such an energy there it’s hard to put into words. I was singing in ‘Toy Soldier‘ at the time and we made the decision to move there together as a band. We were looking for a new challenge, a new experience.

My time there was amazing. It’s a magical place.

You have written  jingles for some of the world’s leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Toyota and Pantene. How did these projects come about? 

I was playing at an open mic venue in Berlin in 2016 and a music producer from a leading advertising agency happened to be in the crowd. He took my details after the show and a few weeks later I found myself singing on adverts!

One of the songs I did for a Pantene ad now has over 18 million hits on YouTube which is mad. Writing jingles is a fun experience and you can really be successful if you hit on something catchy. 

Earlier this year as part of the Gender Disparity report you were named as one of the Top 20 Irish female musicians for radio plays on Spin1038. That is an amazing achievement! The report was a huge shock for a lot of people. What is your opinion on what needs to change for the industry to be more inclusive?

I was so chuffed that my song was being played as I’m a big fan of Spin1038. The report is genuinely shocking. There is endless amount of female talent in this country and radio should be championing all artists.

I can definitely feel a change coming and I have hope. I think the report is the first step toward a more inclusive Irish music industry.  

With coronavirus shutting the live music industry down in recent months, you have a show planned for March 2021 in Whelans. How excited are you to get back on stage? And what are the challenges you envision for live music in these crazy times?

I am super excited to get back on stage. It feels like forever. I have missed live music so much, not only as a performer, but as a gig goer too. I know there will be massive challenges for the live music and events industry going forward, but I am hopeful.

I feel that there is a hunger out there for live music now and people really realise how important this industry is to them. I think gigs will be busier than ever and there will be a real sense of appreciation at them. I just can’t wait for that day to come!

FiCat releases her second single, ‘Déjá Vu‘, Friday September 4th.

Tickets are on sale for her show in Whelan’s via Ticketmaster.

Interview by Ciara Brennan

Featured image by Oisin Egan

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